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Les Amis du Clocher Vrillé


Committee of the Friends of the Twisted Steeple

President - Myriam HASSLER-ECKERLEN

1st Vice President

2nd Vice President
- Jean Marc BARMES

- Bernard HASSLER

- Bernard SCHMITT

General Committee
- Justin BOXLER, Bruno GERARD, Jeannot KUNTZMANN, Rose KUNTZMANN, Béatrice KNOERI, Marcelle MISTLER

Aims of the Association

  1. To develop knowledge of the Church St Gall of NIEDERMORSCHWIHR and the site from both the historical and architectural points of view.
  2. To restore whole or part of the building (the interior and exterior), in particular the Silbermann organ classified historic building in July 1990, as well as the vault St Wendelin.
  3. To support the development of regional tourism by presenting this jewel under its most authentic light and by maintaining the traditions relating to the site.
  4. To emphasize, to preserve and make known the cultural heritage and history of the commune.
  5. To work in close cooperation with the C.I.S.E.C. (Center of Sporting and Cultural Initiation) and any other association that work towards the same goals.

The Association “Les Amis du Clocher Vrille of NIEDERMORSCHWIHR” is registered with the Magistrates' court of Kaysersberg (F - 68240) since February 1991. (Volume VIII/Folio 28). It is held at the Town hall of NIEDERMORSCHWIHR.

The Association is also member of the Association of the Twisted Bell-towers of Europe (A.C.T.E.)

You want to support our association?

Become a member of the association, by sending a contribution of 10 €. We also accept donations (a receipt can be issued to you on request).

You can CLICK HERE to download and print this form, then send to the association. You can also use this form to order the following merchandise:

CD « Orgue et Trompette Baroque » (Parution fin 2011) avec la participation de Patrick Ernst et Guy Ferber 15 € + Frais d’expédition La Poste en sus + 3,25 € (France Métropolitaine).

Book « Niedermorschwihr, Yesterday & Today » 32 € + Frais d’expédition La Poste en sus + 6,30 € (France Métropolitaine).


Myriam Hassler-Eckerlen
Les Amis du Clocher Vrillé,
68230 Niedermorschwihr